Important of Excavator Final Drive Or Swing Gearboxes Nov 06, 2023

Important information about Excavator Final Drive or swing gearboxes

Swing Gearbox

A swing gearbox is an important part of mobile and tracked excavators. In this blog, we explain how a excavator swing gearbox works, and when it is time to replace it.

How a swing gearbox works

A swing gearbox ensures that excavators can rotate around their axis with relatively little force. A swing gearbox consists of various gears that increase the power of the engine.

The position of the swing gearbox in the excavator

The swing gearbox is mounted on the upper structure of an excavator The swing gearbox ensures that the upper structure can turn around its axis via the sprocket, which connects to the slewing ring.


Swing gearboxes are always subject to wear and tear, even with normal use. When the gears are worn, play becomes noticeable between the gears or on the sprocket. Checking for wear is easy. If you are able to move the bearings and gears back and forth by hand, they need to be replaced. Ideally, everything should fit together seamlessly.

Replace your swing gearbox in time

The older the gears are, the faster the gears wear with hard motion. Timely replacement of the swing gearbox is crucial in preventing downtime of your excavator.

Please note! Replacing a single worn part is not enough

Our advice is to replace the entire swing gearbox in case of wear. If a single part is replaced, it will wear out very quickly. Friction will occur because the old gears do not have the correct thickness and do not fit together properly. The new sprocket will wear out along with the old parts. This means you will ultimately pay more if you only replace one part, because the part will not last as long.

Quality and reliable parts

Swing gear box for mobile and tracked excavators

If you are looking for a swing gearbox for a mobile of tracked excavator, please come to us, where you will find our broad and current range of swing gearboxes.

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